Introducing the plentymarkets plugin interface

The plentymarkets plugin interface is a collection of interfaces representing the modules and sub-modules available in plentymarkets. The plugin interface defines the core services for plentymarkets plugins and contains all necessary methods for your plugin to communicate with plentymarkets. For each module of plentymarkets, individual interfaces are available. The documentation for these interfaces can be accessed via the Interface drop-down menu in the navigation bar. Learn how to integrate the plentymarkets plugin interface into your IDE to support auto-completion.

Executing code without authentication

If you want to execute individual code blocks in the plugin without being restricted by authentication, use the AuthHelper class. For further information, refer to the code example below:


            use Plenty\Modules\Account\Address\Contracts\AddressRepositoryContract;
            use Plenty\Modules\Authorization\Services\AuthHelper;

            /** @var \Plenty\Modules\Account\Address\Contracts\AddressRepositoryContract $addressRepo */
            $addressRepo = pluginApp(AddressRepositoryContract::class);

            /** @var \Plenty\Modules\Authorization\Services\AuthHelper $authHelper */
            $authHelper = pluginApp(AuthHelper::class);

            $address = null;

            $address = $authHelper->processUnguarded(
                function () use ($addressRepo, $address) {
                    return $addressRepo->findAddressById(42);

Overview of interfaces

Find an overview of all available interfaces below:

Interface Description
Account Contains sub-modules for Addresses and Contacts. This interface is the counterpart to the plentymarkets CRM module.
Accounting Contains a sub-module for VAT and classes for determining the VAT.
Amazon Interface for Amazon.
Authentication Interface for user authentication.
Authorization Interface for user permissions and user roles.
Basket Contains sub-modules for determining the basket and the items within the basket.
Blog Interface for blog posts.
Board Interface for boards.
Catalog Interface for the catalog.
Category Interface with sub-modules and models for categories.
Cloud Interface for cloud services, e.g. ElasticSearch and Storage.
Comment Contains the comment model.
ContentBuilder Interface for the content builder.
ContentCache Interface for the content cache.
Cron Interface for accessing cron jobs.
CustomerContract Interface for customer contracts.
Data Contains the data model.
DataExchange Interface for exchanging data. Contains models for export and filters.
DeleteLog Interface for the delete log.
Document Contains the document model.
ElasticSync Interface for ElasticSync.
EventProcedures Interface with events and services for event procedures.
Facet Interface for facets.
Feedback Interface for feedbacks.
Frontend Interface with services for the online store.
Helper Interface with contracts, models and services for helpers.
Item Contains sub-modules for attributes, availability, item and variation data, manufacturers, shipping and units.
ItemSet Interface for item sets. Contains methods to get and create item sets and item set components.
Listing Interface for listings.
LiveShopping Interface for LiveShopping.
Market Contains the sub-module Ebay for fitments and fitment items.
Messenger Interface for the messenger.
Order Contains contracts and models for orders and order items as well as the sub-modules Currency, Payment and Shipping. This interface is the counterpart to the plentymarkets order module.
Payment Contains the sub-modules for payment methods, the payment history, as well as contracts and models for payments and payment properties.
Pim Interface for prices.
plentyMarketplace Interface for plentyMarketplace.
Plugin Contains the sub-modules for storing data in a plugin database or accessing external SDKs.
PluginMultilingualism Interface for multilingualism.
Property Interface for properties.
Report Interface for reports.
ShopBuilder Interface for ShopBuilder.
StockManagement Contains contracts and models for stock management and storage data.
System Contains the Webstore model.
Tag Interface for tags.
Template Contains contracts and models for the design and design configuration.
Ticket Contains contracts and models related to the plentymarkets ticket system.
User Interface for users.
Warehouse Interface for warehouses.
Webshop Interface for the online store.
Wizard Interface for assistants.
Miscellaneous Contains interfaces that cannot be organised in the listed interfaces.

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