REST Payment


List payment methods
Create a payment method
Update a payment method
Get EBICS Accounts
Create an EBICS Account
Returns the HBCI-Account count
Get a preview list for payment methods.


List payments of a payment method
Create Payment-Order-Relation
Delete Payment-Order-Relation
Create Payment-Contact-Relation
Delete Payment-Contact-Relation
List payments
Update a payment
Create a payment
List payments of a payment status
List payments of a transaction type
List payments of an order
List payments by entry date
List payments by import date
List payments by property type ID and value


List properties for a payment
List properties
Update a payment property
Create a payment property
List properties by creation date
List property types
Update a property type
Create a property type
List names of property types
Get a name of a property type
Update a name of a property type
Create a name of a property type

Method Name

List payment methods names
List all payment method names for a payment method id
Gets a payment method name by id and lang